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    number:2 peopleexperience:1 year work experienceeducation:university specialist and above


    1、familiar with the procurement process, more than 1 year of procurement related work experience

    2、responsible for purchasing materials and other, responsible for the delivery of delivery of delivery products, responsible for timely reporting procurement schedule, control costs in the procurement process;

    3、familiar with the machine processing industry related accessories, materials market quotes and prices, have a priority of home appliance procurement;

    4、strong communication skills and strong logic;

  • number:2 peopleexperience:2year work experienceeducation:university specialist and above


    1、platform rules docking

    2、product layout

    3、marketing planning

    4、profit accounting

    5、activities planning

    6、single product to create

    7、daily operation optimization

  • number:2 peopleexperience:1 year work experienceeducation:university specialist and above


    1、electrical, electronic engineering, automation, image processing, computer vision related professional background, college degree or above;

    2、for 2, the above-mentioned related work experience, excellent fresh sources can also be considered;

    3、proficient in c, c language, have modular program design habits, have a good programming style;

    4、with spi, 12c, uart, pwm, adc and other peripheral development experience;

    5、there is a pcb layout foundation, there is an experience of using altium designer, and other design tools;

    6、exquisite stm32 working principle and can use the gui to perform lcd interface design;

    7、have a good english reading ability, there is a certain circuit and related hardware basic knowledge, can understand the datasheet of the chip, can understand the schematic;

    8、familiar with product development processes and single-chip peripheral circuit principle and common application, have good digital / mode electrical analysis and design capabilities;

    9、familiar with motion control, image processing tools, such as opencv, technicians preferred.

  • number:2 peopleexperience:3 year work experienceeducation:university specialist and above


    1、for 1 year, the experience of work experience with dishwasher / garbage processor is preferred;

    2、responsible for the innovation and design of new product structure, guarantee the rationality, reliability, novelty of new product structure;

    3、responsible for the review, test mode, trial production and mass production of all phases in new product development, and solve technical problems in the process;

    4、responsible for the prototype test system, and in accordance with the determined modified scheme to change the model, ensure the achievement of the modification;

    5、responsible for writing various technical documents in the new product development process, ensuring process control documents in line with r & d control processes and related quality management standards;

    6、skilled use of pro / e, cad, office, ai and other software;

    7、have a certain understanding of product performance, test and safety;

    8、work is practical, responsible, better communication and coordination and project management capabilities;

  • number:2 peopleexperience:5 year work experienceeducation:university specialist and above


    1、more than 5 years, small household appliance development, project management or related field experience, experience in foreign companies or large enterprises.

    2、college degree or above, mechanical design or mold design and other related majors.

    3、familiar with plastic \ gold material, familiar with the basic requirements of plastic \ hardware material parts, familiar with plastic and hardware molds.

    4、jing 3d design software pro / e (creo2.0) and word / excel and power point.

    5、familiar with food waste processor or dishwasher's products and parts safety standards, 3c / us standard / european standard.

    6、good project management capabilities, timely coordinate and deal with problems and innovative courage in project development.

    7、strong pressure resistance, good teamwork spirit.

  • number:2 peopleexperience:2 year work experienceeducation:university specialist and above


    1、college degree or above, art, design related majors;

    2、proficient in master photoshop, ai, dreamweaver, gif animation and other network design software;

    3、can independently complete the design places of the activity page and web pages;

    4、good at communication, have strong sense of responsibility and self-motivation, teamwork;

    5、with home appliance taobao, tmall, jingdong store and related e-commerce more than 2 years of design work experience preferred;