campus recruiting

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    number:2 peopleexperience:1 year work experienceeducation:university specialist and above


    1、electrical, electronic engineering, automation, image processing, computer vision related professional background, college degree or above;

    2、the above-mentioned related work experience, excellent fresh sources can also be considered;

    3、proficient in c, c language, have modular program design habits, have a good programming style;

    4、with spi, 12c, uart, pwm, adc and other peripheral development experience;

    5、there is a pcb layout foundation, there is an experience of using altium designer, and other design tools;

    6、exquisite stm32 working principle and can use the gui to perform lcd interface design;

    7、have a good english reading ability, there is a certain circuit and related hardware basic knowledge, can understand the datasheet of the chip, can understand the schematic;

    8、familiar with product development processes and single-chip peripheral circuit principle and common application, have good digital / mode electrical analysis and design capabilities;

    9、familiar with motion control, image processing tools, such as opencv, technicians preferred.